The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is a very simple process.  The recipient simply lies on a massage table and relaxes.  If they are unable to lie down the treatment can be given in a sitting position. The main thing is for the recipient to be as comfortable as possible.  There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts. The practitioner gently places their hands in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body.   

Treatments usually last an hour, plus time before and after the session for talking about Reiki and its effects on you.

Reiki healing can be given anywhere at any time as no special equipment is needed.  The practitioner is a channel which the energy is drawn through by the need in the recipient.  You may feel sensations under the practitioners’ hands or in other parts of your body.  You may feel heat, tingling, coolness, throbbing or other sensations.  You may feel very little, although many people experience a sense of well being and relaxation - some even fall asleep.  Sometimes a treatment can be energizing - there is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki. 

Rates for Reiki treatments: 
One hour session
$90 in my office
$111 if travel is required

Treatment packages also available:
3 sessions - $257
6 sessions - $497
12 sessions - $997

Distance Healing

Because Reiki works on an energy level, healing can be sent anywhere in the world.  Sending energy, sending love or light, praying or thinking of someone are all distance healing techniques.  As a certified Reiki Master, I can, in absentia, direct the flow of Reiki energy to you.  Recipients of Reiki energy could be individuals, pets, plants/trees, situations and specific events. Distance healing offers the same benefits as hands-on Reiki but with more convenience to people and animals who live far away, are house bound, in the hospital or have busy schedules. Treatments can be scheduled quickly in emergency situations.

Rates:  Please contact me for Distance rates.

Animals and Reiki

Animals respond well to Reiki.  Our pets live in the moment, they have no preconceived notions to get over.  They understand healing energy and its benefits immediately, some will actually come looking for it. They often come right up the Reiki practitioner, “asking” for the Reiki healing energy.  Reiki is ideal for animals, because it is gentle and non-invasive, and yields powerful results.  Just as in humans, Reiki can be used for all types of illnesses, injuries and emotional problems.   For animals who are ill or in distress, Reiki is a safe complement to traditional veterinary medicine, as well as complementing holistic medicine, homeopathy, flower essences and all other forms of healing.  Reiki heals the spirit, bringing the animal back into a state of trust and connection.  Giving a sense of purpose and building confidence with other animals and people.  Reiki helps balance out emotions, helping the animal to overcome their reactions so that their behaviors can change.  Reiki speeds up the healing process, elevating the symptoms of pain and helping the body regain its energy levels.

Animals enjoy Reiki - the extra attention and feeling of the energy draws them to the Reiki practitoner, who sends Reiki via simply patting, stroking or touching the animal.  My pug, Yogi, and one cat, Mylo, soak Reiki energy like sponges. Daisy, our other cat, insists that she does not want Reiki even though on occasion she will sit on my lap and take a treatment for her arthritis. The animal must always be allowed the choice to accept or reject the healing energy, however difficult that may be for a dedicated, and often desperate caregiver to accept. 

Treatments involving animals rarely last as long as human sessions; they absorb Reiki energy a lot easier than we humans do.  Usually, they will not sit still for an entire session - rather they receive Reiki for a few minutes, then wander off, only returning again a few times for more healing.  When an animal is finished with their treatment they will just walk away and not return.  Sometimes they will give me a lick in the face and walk off, their “payment” for the treatment, which I always gladly accept.

Since Reiki can be sent effectively from distance, this means it can be used on animals with skittish or aggressive tendancies without distressing them or risking injury to them, their keepers or the practitioner.

When treating animals, it is usually best to conduct the session in surroundings that they know and feel safe in.

I like to encourage animal owners to partake in Reiki training.  Learning Reiki will enable them to not only help themselves with self-healing but will give them the opportunity to give Reiki energy to their pets on a daily basis. 

Our companions bring so much to our lives.  Their joy of living is an example to us.  Their unconditional love is a model for how we should strive to live our own lives.  By offering them the healing of Reiki, we can give something back to them for all that they have given us.

Rates for animal treatments:  $50 per hour


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