about me

Visiting Ireland with my family years back I opened my heart to my celtic nature and my true path.  I brought home with me a deeper connection to my higher self and the realization that I have always been an energy worker. My love of nature and animals, always prominent in my life, took on new meaning.

I was first brought to Reiki by the needs of my cousin, Dianne who was sick with bone cancer.  We lived on opposite coasts so I worked with her through distance healing.  While cleaning each day I would meditate and pray to develop the power to help her to heal.  Because of her suffering I developed an amazing gift that I promised to use, in her name, to help others to heal themselves.

Led by my guides and guardian angels I have taken many different psychic, native-american, pagan, new-age and finally Reiki classes to develop my empathic nature and energy moving skills.  I don’t like to call myself a “healer” I like to think I am a facilitator in helping people to heal themselves.

I’ve been trained in the Traditional Usui Tibetan method of Reiki  and have become a Master/Teacher. I adore teaching Reiki to others, especially the children.  They teach me more than I do them.  Teaching caregivers is one my biggest dreams.

I love doing treatments too. The energy connects us in this amazingly deep way. Intimate yet safe. Many times I have used the energy to help others transition peacefully into death. They release their fear with grace and ease. It’s beautiful to experience. Deep and profound. 

And the animals...well they show me just how much energy I can move through my body. The connection with them is so incredible and one that anyone can share once they learn Reiki.  

Reiki helps people in many ways.  And I have dedicated my life to helping others find their truest, healthiest expression of themselves through the use of Reiki energy work.

With love and light, may you be blessed on your path to wholeness.



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