Barbara Igoe was/is one of my best students. I have been teaching Reiki for 13 years, and I can tell you in all confidence that if you are looking for a compassionate, intelligent, reliable Reiki teacher/master...look no more. She has taken everything I taught her and made it beautifully her own. She continues to work for the benefit of all sentient beings with enthusiasm and care. Her students lover her and she is building a strong Reiki practice/circle, that anyone would be proud to be a part of. She makes me proud everyday. Consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to be her student.

Cathy Young
Reiki Teacher/Master

When Barbara brought Reiki into my life so many things began to work themselves out. It truly brought me the realization that we live in the world we create and by simple intentions we can bring about emotional balance and strength that seemed impossible before. Daily I thank the Great Divine for all I have been given; especially the gift of Reiki and Barbara for bringing it to me.

Lauralea Adkins
Reiki Master Apprentice
Adkins Alternative Care

Barbara Igoe is truly a master, she works miracles with the Children’s Hospice Coalition children and families that defy explanation.  She’s a gift to our children, their families and anyone she touches.  Her gentle touch has even relieved my own headaches!

Melissa Gilbert
Board President
Children's Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition

Reiki is in the same regards as a physical massage except that this is with mininal touch. This is an energy or spirit massage. You feel the negative energy being massaged out through your feet as the healing light washes over you.

Marlaina Ward
Owner- Unique4Baby

I recommend Barb without hesitation! Besides being a highly gifted practitioner, she has an infectious enthusiasm for life and the power we all have at our fingertips— through the life-energy of Reiki.

Cathy Krizik
Career Coach & Web Designer



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